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Managed IT Services

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Nationwide coverage for Major Network Upgrade, Network Assessments, Wireless Assessments, Enterprise Deployments, Disaster Recovery Planning, IT Services, Networking & Securities, Cabling

DocuLedger can manage your IT services while you focus on your business. DocuLedger provides a thorough software, network, and mission critical systems needs assessment. From the assessment, a solution is delivered that enables your IT systems to run in the background, and silently insure your business runs smoothly.

Back up and Disaster Recovery are a first line concern to address so that a major on-site event like fire or flood will not bring your operations to a halt. Our solutions take advantage of cloud platforms, infrastructure, and applications that bring appropriate technological advances to your business. We’ve carefully considered which technology services bring the most value to your company and are always evaluating those that are on the horizon.

Cloud Solutions

You may have heard of Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services which are leaders in bringing cloud services to businesses of all sizes. In recent years adoption of cloud services has become a more common, less daunting consideration, and a very good alternative to on-site infrastructure dependency.

If your server is at or near its end of service life It may be that a virtual machine or virtualized services is an appropriate next option to consider. With no hardware dependencies in place, the issue of when and how long a hardware failure will disrupt your business becomes a thing of the past.

DocuLedger is a developer, partner and consumer of software tools and many of them are offered as a SAAS (software as a service) product. By moving software dependencies away from your local servers and work stations you further insure business operations don’t depend on local disruption variables like hardware failures, fire, flood, or malicious intentions near or far. SAAS applications often take advantage of PAAS (platform as a service) offerings which encapsulate necessary infrastructure so that scaling the reliable delivery of services can be achieved seamlessly. Microsoft Office 365 is one such SAAS offering and if your company is depending on a local or hosted exchange server to deliver your email services you should strongly consider migrating now.

IT Help Desk

During daily business operations your staff may experience some challenges with technology and this is certainly not where you want their focus to be. From a phone call or an email your staff can get quick, effective, and friendly support so they can be back on to their more work specific tasks at hand. Our helpdesk staff is well trained and experienced in a variety of support issues and when appropriate, specific skill sets can be called upon to solve more unusual circumstances.

The staff uses tools that make providing support less challenging by having relevant documentation and system information at hand at the time of service. The monitoring and maintenance tools placed in service alert staff to issues that may arise within your systems and devices on your network, and remediation can be accomplished without incident.

Cyber Security

DocuLedger delivers Multi-Vector protection for endpoints, networks, and cloud based threat intelligence services. The ever increasing volume, speed, and sophistication of cyber-attacks requires a move beyond traditional security. Today’s cybercriminals are launching dynamic, stealth threats that are targeted and designed to infiltrate defenses through multiple entry points of a network. Don't risk your operations, products and services due to outdated security approaches. Companies need next-generation solutions that are as dynamic as the attacks they defend against, that can keep ahead of the proliferation of today’s threats, and that can protect against new threats that may only live in the wild for hours or minutes. Let DocuLedger deploy cyber security services today.