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Distributors Product Brochure Videos

Wholesalers and Distributors are focused with on time delivery of products to their customers and optimizing inventory levels, but they also have unique aspects and challenges that make their specific market different from others. DocuLedger delivers a customized solution that covers every aspect needed to best service your customers. DocuLedger Workflow provides real time inventory status for what’s on hand, committed on open sales orders (shipped and unshipped), what’s on open purchase orders and the ability to compare current sales demand to stock on hand.

Specific customer requirements are retained on a quote template which can be used to insure order repeatability. From the customer’s portal all information for a customer is a click away including average days to pay, on time delivery performance, YTD sales, Previous YTD sales, account aging balance information and more.

Schedule a demo today so you can see firsthand how the features you’re looking for can be added when needed to bring your operations to the next level.