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DocuLedger offers scalable web based business and accounting software that simplifies your complex operations.

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Operational Excellence Improves Your Bottom Line

We strive to deliver software that promotes operational excellence by making it clear what needs to be done and by simplifying and guiding the process of doing it.

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Your Ideas Implemented

We value feedback that helps us deliver features that promote operational excellence. You recognize areas of your operations that seem time consuming and inefficient so we work with you to improve those areas and take the best of your operational workflows and integrate them into business and accounting solutions.

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Power Up Your Business

Technology and infrastructure matter so we deliver solutions that scale to meet your needs today and in the future.

Case Studies

NACHA + Positive Pay

An accounting department that processes hundreds of payments per month wanted to reduce its check printing, and mailing demands and also take advantage of new bank controls that can pre-authorize every payment before it reaches the bank.

DocuLedger Responds

DocuLedger introduced two new bank processing documents into their system. The first called a NACHA batch produces a file that is uploaded at the bank’s site with a listing of the vendors to be paid and the amounts thus eliminating the time to manually print, stuff and mail checks and also reduces the number of disbursed transactions to reconcile each month as the disbursement is removed in one lump sum. The second file takes advantage of a feature named Positive Pay in which a file is uploaded and pre-authorizes payments before they reach the bank and eliminates any drafts against the account that have not been pre-authorized with the file eliminating potential fraudulent transactions.

Qais R. CFO

"The NACHA file feature has really saved me a lot of time."

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Case Studies

Sales Management & Commission Tracking System

A company’s sales management team was in need of a web based system that would be available to provide timely sales data to to both internal members as well as outside reps. A manual assembly of information was very labor intensive taking over a week to gather, organize, and disseminate.

DocuLedger Responds

An online sales management system was created that meets the needs of an accounting department to pay out commissions. It also meets the needs of the sales management team to evaluate various sales market performance as well as provide an area for sales stake holders to access timely information.

Derek S.

"I couldn't imagine our team having to going back to manually assembling and inputing this information. We're really happy with the results!"

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Case Studies

Customer Ordering and Accounting Integration

A leading SMT stencil manufacturer was in dire need of a customer facing online ordering system and an order fulfillment system that would integrate with a robust accounting solution with specific product technical challenges.

DocuLedger Responds

Because of unique and multi-staged production requirements as well as a geographically wide spread customer service and support staff an off the shelf system would not meet their needs. DocuLedger first interviewed key stake holders and subsequently placed a development environment online for testing. When all department’s needs were met and exceeded, the system went live on Windows Azure without interruption to order production and accounting functions.

Mike S. CEO

"This has really become a great tool for us and people are really seeing the benefits of this change."

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Case Studies

Accounting Integration

An OEM Manufacturer had several systems that had diverged over time and required increasingly more personnel to keep up with getting information into and out of the different systems. In addition it had the challenge of having to provide a system that would meet the needs of accounting, production, and management that were dispersed across the country and the world.

DocuLedger Responds

A Cloud based system was developed that utilized the Microsoft Azure Platform. Azure offers a data platform that is locally redundant within the data center, GEO redundant across the country, and creates daily incremental automatic back ups. The DocuLedger system provides process related portals that meet the needs of different operational teams, from production, to accounting and sales.

Brent N. VP Operations

"I’m a data driven guy and with the standard and custom dashboards I have everything I need to make clear operational cost saving decisions."

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